Tips To Creating Welcoming Interiors For A Restaurant

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The first impression is the last impression. It is an adage that is known by everyone. It is said when going for a job interview. It is said when building a business. It is said when designing a restaurant. The first look a person gets of a place, person or thing can be a defining moment. One cannot deny it.  In this article, we discover a few ways of decorating a food joint so that they make a lasting impact.

Mr. Raphael, an Interior Architect in Chennai, who works with says – “The first thing that grabs the attention of a patron as they walk into a restaurant is the interiors. Therefore, the interior décor of the place become as significant as food when people decide to eat in it or not.” Repeat customers occur when the cuisine of the joint is as good as the ambience of the place. To help people set up a good interior of their F&B place, here are some ideas and tips to interior design.

Attractive Entrance

Image Of A Restaurent Lighting Fixtures

Even before a person enters a place, the first glimpse is that of the main entrance. It can either be inviting or off-putting. Which one your restaurant entrance becomes is determined by its décor. For example, a poorly lit door in a dingy corner is not a welcoming sight. Install a stylishly designed door such as wood carved one and highlight it with ambient lights. Make the entryway as attractive and inviting as possible.

Great Lighting

The core of any interiors is lighting. Perfect lights can instantaneously boost the mood because they add a feel-good factor to a place. Bad fixtures, on the other hand, can break even a well-set mood. Ergo, to design a restaurant that keeps customers returning invest in excellent:

o Wall lights

o Hanging lights

o Chandeliers

o Mood lights

An example of good interior designing is neon lights which have been trending, lately.

Colour Scheme

The right colour palette can either improve the appearance of a joint or ruin it completely. For example, when you are trying to create an eatery that evokes a feeling of intimacy shades of red would best suit the décor. Whereas, for food restaurants that want a bright and airy feel hues of pastel shades would be apt interior design. Play with colours to plan great interiors for your place.

Customer Centric

The last tip to designing a beautiful restaurant is to keep the target customer in mind. Remember that young people don’t like the same interior design as middle-aged individuals. Therefore, plan every décor concept in a manner that will suit the age group and preferences of your audience and no other age groups.

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