Indian Food Festival – How To Organise Them?

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The Sula Fest, the National Street Festival, the Grub Fest, the Palate Food Festival; the list of food festivals in India is slowly growing. Each is known for its own speciality, and each attracts a different genre of visitors. For example, the Street Food Festival is all about finding the local cuisines of a place. On the other hand, Grub Fest is the promotion of music bands and the top restaurants. With this growing popularity, it stands to reason that more and more entrepreneurs want to invest in food events. In this article, we talk about the steps needed to be taken to organise a successful food festival.

Give it a unique quality.

The number one rule of marketing any business or company is to create a USP. A unique selling point is an aspect of the enterprise that is not offered by any other competitor. It is the reason why customers opt to buy your product or service. A food festival is no different. There are already many of them being arranged all over India. The only way to ensure the right amount of footfall to your festival is to offer a distinctive style and characteristic. So, find a USP that can’t be imitated by other festivals.

Find the right venue.

Let’s say step one is done and dusted. You have found that unique aspect which set apart your food festival. What’s next? Finding the right venue is the second phase of planning a food event. Remember, the location of the festival will either make or break the event. A venue like Chennai Convention Centre, one of the preferred venues for Exhibition Hall/Events, is a good choice. Why?

Ms. Pristina, Manager who takes care of Hall bookings at, spoke to us saying “Choosing the right venue is critically important, the location, the ambience,

the atmosphere and the facilities provided at the venue plays a major role in attracting visitors for the food festival.”

It is the most preferred venue because they have an open area as well as an enclosed hall. During the day, when it is hot, the stalls inside can make a profit, and at night, when it is cool, the stalls outside will see good footfall.

Image Of Colorful and Tempting Indian Thalis Which placed around the Main DishPlan activities.

Yes, a food festival is mostly about the cuisine, but no one can say interested in menus and dishes for a continuous stretch of time. There is a need to break the monotony of trying new food items. This can be easily done by participating in activities. So, make sure that there are stalls that engage the visitors in fun stuff.

Promote it.

The last step of arranging a food festival is promoting it. Employ both offline and online avenues to get the word out there. Employ social media platforms to the greatest extent possible, especially if your target audience is the younger crowd. Put up attractive banners all over the city with clear directions to the location, date, and timings. Bear in mind that without advertising the food event, the chances of it being a success are meagre

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