Famous Indian Cuisine Of North And South

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When you are in a country other than India and ordering Indian cuisine the most options available on the menu are biryani, butter chicken, dal and naan. They are the extent of Indian food to outsiders. The reality is very different. India is a vast country comprising of many states that have their own traditions and cooking styles. With a change of hundred miles, it is said, the language and the food of the country alter. Religion, rulers, and topography have influenced the culinary customs of the land to give birth to varying food experiences.
• North of India
This part of India includes the states of:
o Punjab
o Haryana
o Uttarakhand
o Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir
The climate and the soil have given rise to an abundance of ingredients such as:
o Wheat
o Rice
o Maize
o dairy
o mustard seed
o dried fruits
o pistachios
o almonds
o saffron
o turmeric
o cumin
The spices, pulses and other daily staples are used in each state to create different dishes. For example, Punjab is famous for food items such as lamb chops, beef kebabs, and tandoor dishes. Sarson da saag and makki di roti are the two most well-known dishes that are served in the state.
In Kashmir, the favourite cuisines have a touch of the Muslim religion. Items that are famous here are roghan ghosht which is a slow-cooked lamb stew. Another notable piece is rattan jyot. When it comes to sweets, the north Indian state of Uttarakhand has made popular jalebi with rabdi. It is a deep-fried batter that is sweetened with condensed milk, sugar, nut and spices.
• South of India
This part of the sub-continent is comprised of the states of:
o Andhra Pradesh
o Karnataka
o Kerala
o Tamil Nadu
o Telangana
When compared to the north of India, this part of the country has a very different geography and climate. The ingredients that are used most often in the cuisine of South India are:
o Lentils
o dried chilies
o coconut
o tamarind
o plantains
o ginger
The actual dishes that are known worldwide which originate from this corner of the peninsula are:
o dosa
o vada
o idli
o uttapam
o sambar
o coconut chutney
o appam
The first four are made from a batter that contains rice. It is the style of cooking, and spices added that create different dishes. Sambar is vegetable stew which is generally served with idli, vada, dosa or uttapam.
Besides vegetarian options, south India also has in its repertoire some finger-licking non-veg dishes like:
o chicken Chettinad
o meen moilee
o mutton pepper fry
The sweet dishes that one must not miss on when visiting this part of India are:
o chatti pathiri a pastry stuffed with nuts and raisins
o pazham pori which are like banana fritters
Since the area covered under South India is gigantic the style of cooking changes quite drastically from state to state. While in one you will find a lot of spicy options, in another there will be only subtly flavoured options.

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