Privacy Terms

Welcome to Bombay Lee where we promise to protect your privacy to the most of our ability. This privacy policy and terms of use contain the general rules that we follow when it comes to your information. We advise you to read the rules because they are legally binding. If you do not consent to any of the rule/s, we ask you to immediately stop using the site, as the continued use of Bombay Lee website is taken as implied agreement. From time to time we may change our terms of use and policy. Therefore we ask you to please reread them after such a change is made.

Through the website, we obtain personally identifiable data and information that does not identify you. This policy explains the information we gather, how we use it and the incidences when we may share the data with a third party. When you access the website through your phone or laptop, we collect cookies from your browser. This is done automatically, and it cannot be used to identify you personally. This data is used to make your next visit more seamless.

The second information we obtain from you is private data that may include name, e-mail id, phone number, physical address, credit/debit card, etc.  This information is used to carry out your request and to reply to your queries. Personal information is protected at all times and not shared with any third party until and unless you grant us explicit consent to do so.