Benefits Of Drinking Fresh Fruit Juices
March 26, 2019
Healthy Indian Foods That Can Keep You Fit And Healthy
March 26, 2019

Indian food is gaining attention worldwide and nothing is surprising. Indian food has its own exclusiveness than foods from other regions. The use of spices, condiments, vegetables, and fruits make the Indian cuisines simply stand out from the rest. On the first look, the Indian food looks so aromatic and colorful that can easily tempt to have a quick bite. If you think Indian foods are not healthy, then this article will clear you that misconception. The truth is that Indian food is tasty and healthier in many ways and we will tell you how.

Array of Vegetables

As you already know, the Indian cuisines utilize a variety of fresh vegetables. The vegetables are combined and cooked in many ways to produce amazing flavors and taste. Most importantly, all the vegetables combine to offer a wide range of health benefits. Most cuisines make use of cooking methods, which makes the vegetables to lose their nutritional value. But Indian preparations are so unique that the nutritional values of the vegetables are not lost. It means you will stay healthier as you include Indian food in your regular diet.

Fresh Ingredients

The traditional Indian food does not use processed or frozen ingredients. All the ingredients right from the spices, fruits to vegetables are procured freshly for preparation. These fresh ingredients and lack of preservatives make the Indian foods very healthy. You cannot expect such freshness and nutritional value from other foods.

Use of Spices

Freshly grounded spices are the most significant aspect of Indian cooking. These spices not only offer great aroma and color to the preparation but also make the food so healthy. For example, turmeric is one of the spices, which is known for anti-bacterial and healing properties. Other spices like garlic, green chili and ginger are also known for their great medicinal values.

Traditional Indian meals have a good combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, all of which offers a balanced diet.

Yogurts, which are found commonly in Indian foods offer lots of benefits to our digestive system. This yogurt is made by fermenting the milk and they contain good bacteria. Yogurt is also rich in calcium, which can strengthen our bone and prevents from gaining additional weight.

The Indian food preparations are quite elaborate and you will have to stock many ingredients ready before you begin before cooking. India is a country with vast diversity. You will find food preparations varying from region to region.

It is not right to generalize the Indian cooking. Throughout history the Indian food has experienced lots of transformations without losing its root. For example, biryani is one of the popular food in India was introduced to India many centuries ago by the Arab rulers, who invaded India. Today, you will find biryani recipes, which looks very Indian and they differ from the original recipe.

To retain the benefits of Indian foods, make sure that you use only fresh ground spices, which are prepared in your home. It is better to avoid the ones that are sold at the stores. Indian foods are the great ways to make your life interesting and healthy.

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