Healthy Indian Foods That Can Keep You Fit And Healthy

Why Indian Foods Are Healthy?
March 26, 2019
An Impact Of GST For Restaurant Owners
An Impact Of GST For Restaurant Owners
May 23, 2019

The amazing varieties of cuisines make India a very incredible country. Each state has its own list of unique foods, which are hard to reproduce by the other states. Visit each state and you will find a good list of exclusive recipes. The nature of preparation varies depending on various factors such as geographical condition, climate, etc. For example, you will find amazing varieties of seafoods in the states like Kerala and Bengal, which is surrounded by the sea on one side. If you are looking for healthy Indian foods, then we recommend you to read this article.

Pulses and Dal

We are already aware that pulses and dals are rich in minerals and vitamins. Some of the nutrition found in pulses and dals are iron, calcium, and potassium. Additionally, they also contain a good amount of amino acids. If you shed weight and want to become slim, then you should go only for moon dal and skip other dals. This is because moong dal contains less amount of fat. Pulses also contain a good amount of dietary fiber and protein that helps to regulate blood sugar levels. These dals are highly beneficial to our health when cooked with other fresh vegetables.

Chappati Or Roti

Both roti and chappati are the staple food for north Indians and rajasthanis. They are made using flour dough and known for various health benefits. These traditional Indian bread are made of atta or wheat flour. In modern times, these bread are made of multigrain atta, which contains an equal volume of jowar, sattu, barley and bajra. These chappatis offer lots of carbohydrates and can help you lose weight.


Cooked rice is the staple diet in most south Indian homes. White rice is the polished rice, which is tasty, contains a high amount of calories. This is the reason for the diet experts to recommend brown rice for better nutritional value.

Indian Curries

Indian curries are known for their tempting colors and aromas. Most Indian curries may contain good amount of oil or ghee, which can add more calories. In order to make the Indian curries healthier, you should cook them in a non-stick pan, by utilizing less oil and cream. You can make the curries healthier by adding an array of mixed vegetables and paneer.


Called as cottage cheese, paneer is made from milk and it is very healthy in various aspects. Paneer contains all the benefits of milk. They are rich in protein and calcium and they can help to keep our bones stronger. It is better to make paneer at home rather than using the one brought from the stores. This is because the packed paneer may be made from cream milk, which can contain high amount of calories.


This is another milk product that offers plenty of health benefits. Eating curd can help improve digestion and helps to reduce body weight.


This is nothing but steamed rice cake, which are tasty and healthy as they do not contain oil. They are very low on fat and they are healthy for people of different ages.

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