Tips To Keep A Restaurant Running During A Power Outage

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For a restaurant or any F&B place, a loss of power is equal to a massive financial hit. Even an hour-long electricity outage can lead to revenue lost in thousands. It means that every joint has to be ready to face the challenge when it comes. Because an eatery that is up and running during a blackout not only maintains a steady revenue stream but also reassures patrons. Customers who realise that a restaurant was ready to serve even in harsh conditions will promote and recommend it others. So, how do you leverage these benefits? The answer lies in having the most well-prepared kitchen.

Keep a disaster plan in place, practice it and train the employees to implement is calming and seamlessly. These are the three pillars of running a restaurant when there is a power outage. The vital elements your disaster plan should have are:

  • A Power Backup

Mr. Roger, senior and experienced employee of, renowned UPS Supplier in Chennai, says – “A power backup like a sound strength inverter or generator is imperative. These power suppliers can keep the basics like refrigerator, light and air conditioning system running for the time being. And that makes the difference between a closed restaurant and an eatery that is still serving.”

Think of a power backup as the necessity that will ensure that your F&B place is operating even when there is no electricity.

  • Invest in Candles

A power backup is crucial, but they do not last for long if a lot of implements are draining it. An easy method to prolong their use is to switch from lights to candles. Instead of turning on the bulbs, chandeliers and tube lights, light candles on each table. They will not only extend the backup time of an inverter or generator but also create mood lighting. Candles are a creative method to keep a restaurant running during electricity breaks. They also set up a relaxed mood.

  • Image Of An UPS Inverter For a Restaurent Used For Power OutageCreative Menu

One of the most significant issues a food joint faces, when there is no power, is the perishability of ingredients. A lot of food items do not survive a long time without extreme temperatures, and some can get contaminated if not cooked at the right heat. So, get creative with the menu when your restaurant is stuck with a power outage. Push food items that don’t need much cooking and will get spoiled if kept longer than 24 hours. Also, since fountain drinks can only be poured using a machine (which doesn’t work without electricity) stock up on bottled water, soda cans and bottles cold beverages.

To summarise, invest in an excellent and durable inverter, be ready to spice up the menu and put a candle out at the first sign of power loss.

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