Famous Indian Cuisine Of North And South
March 15, 2019
Reasons why Indian foods are famous
March 25, 2019

Indian cuisine is famous for exotic ingredients, tongue tingling flavors and unfamiliar dishes. It is both intimidating and exciting to taste Indian cuisine. It is completely like a different world of taste. When cooking Indian foods, it is possible to combine various techniques from other cuisine and include magical spices to provide a delicious food experience. Indian cuisine ensures to utilize all palette of flavors like hot, sweet, sour and spicy at a single time. By combining the spices and ingredients in right form and way, the foods turns out to be a delicious dish that makes anyone to ask for more.

Do not feel afraid to experiment Indian foods at home. When you are preparing Indian foods, you need to first understand about the flavors and dishes that remains as base for Indian cuisine. There is a lot of mixture of cuisine in India just like you can see in Europe. It is totally different to cook and prepare Indian foods. The only important thing you should be conscious when preparing Indian foods is the right way of using the spices.

Basically, there are about twenty to thirty main spices that are included in most of the dishes. Some of the popular Indian spices are ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin and much more. There are used in various ways while preparing the dish. There is a reason to use each and every spice in Indian dishes. It has a lot of health benefits and at the same time makes the food flavorful and exciting.

Most people have a thought that Indian dishes means a lot of curries. But it is actually a wrong thought. The term curry is used for all dishes that are made using spice and meat or vegetable dish in form of sauce. It is the chef who takes complete responsibility to use the right spice in right way. Indian curries can remain hot, green, dry, watery, spicy or very hot. The chef remains responsible for preparing the Indian dish in a pleasing and delicious manner.

Chicken curry is a basic dish which anyone can try to prepare atthe home. It can be served along with some roti (wheat bread) and dal as a side dish. It is sure tasting this dish would make you feel like going around the world.
The best part of Indian cuisine is there are a lot of options for vegetarians. The right use of sauces and spices helps to give a new life to eggplant, peas, cauliflower,and potatoes.

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