All about the Indian cuisine
March 25, 2019
Know about healthy Indian foods
March 25, 2019

Indian cuisine is said to be one of the top international cuisines. The Indian foods have traveled all over the Earth and it has become a favorite cuisine for people living in other regions. It has become easy to find Indian restaurants in all countries around the globe. The Indian cuisine consists of dishes which are inherent to India. It is even loved by people who are non-Indians. Here are the top reasons why Indian foods are famous all over the world.

Indian cuisine is popular for the usage of spices. It is not a new reason but it is well known that India produces abundances of spices. If you are craving for tasty and delicious dishes, you should definitely try Indian foods. It is also popular among people who love hot and spicy foods. For the majority of the Indians, the foods are not tasty when it is not cooked and served spicy and hot. There is a lot of difference between hot and spicy in Indian cuisine. Some of the hottest spices used in Indian foods are cardamom, black pepper,and turmeric.


The best part of Indian cuisine is it is totally healthy. Indians are highly health conscious and they ensure to include healthy ingredients in their food. The ingredients are not only healthy but also gives a rich aroma and taste to the dish. Certain people practice good and healthy eating habits due to religious reasons and some people just do for their own sake.

The usage of healthy ingredients and traditional cooking practices makes the Indian dishes to stand ahead of other country dishes. It is the reason Indians are healthy than other groups in Europe. Tandoori Chicken is said to be most healthy dish in the Indian cuisine. It is a delicious and spicy chicken dish which is prepared by marinated by the chicken in curd. It is further seasoned with several spices and herbs which helps in giving an extraordinary taste to the dish. When you visit an Indian restaurant, ensure to try the tandoori chicken to enjoy its mouthwatering flavor.

Delicious desserts

Guess, there is nothing better than eating a sweet dish after a spicy loaded meal. There are a lot of sweet varieties in Indian foods. There are several Indian desserts which are popular throughout the world. Mango raita is a popular dessert that is prepared using chilled yogurt and mango. It is an excellent food that relishes your tongue and also has a lot of spices that are good for your health.

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