A Compilation Of Renowned Dishes From The Indian Subcontinent
April 23, 2018
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Indian cuisine is rich in spices and is an amalgamation of different flavours. India is not just home to different languages, cultures and practices; it has some of the most diversified cuisine in the world. Every part of the country come with their own unique recipe loaded with goodness, flavour and taste. Classic Indian Dishes that can leave you craving for more are here!

The batter delight
Masala Dosa is the most popular south Indian dish that is rice and lentil batter, a preparation that originated in the coastal regions of Karnataka. The batter is cooked on a flat frying pan and the fillings inside the dosa vary depending on the region and taste of the consumer. Though the most traditional is the onion and potato curry. There are different kinds of chutneys that go with the dish.

A spicy wonder
Hyderabadi Biryani is an explosion of taste in your mouth, a recipe left behind by the Mughals, there are numerous versions of the dish and each has its own unique taste. The major ingredients used for the dish includes biryani rice, lamb or chick, onions, yogurt and a host of spices to set your tongue on an expedition.

Straight from Kashmir
Rogan Josh, lamb curry recipe traced back to the Persian region is made of some pungent spices, giner-garlic and tomatoes. The dish is sure to leave you wanting more and is loved by all across the length and breadth of the country. The recipe has transformed over a period of time as it is influenced by the local ingredients, the essence is not compromised which makes this dish a huge success.

Clamouring street food
Indian street food is not complete without chaats. The snacks include a wide range of items like pani puri, bhel puri, kachori, dhai puri and more. For most of the dishes the base is puffed rice, spices and fresh vegetables. The Indian chaats found its origin in the western region of the country and is highly popular all over India for its light yet filling nature.

A gastronomical delight
Vada Pav, exclusive to the region of Maharashtra is a local snack that is an combination of potato patty sandwiched in between a bread roll called Pav. The Vada Pav is served with hot chilli. The simplicity of the dish makes it one of the most popular snack in India.

Punjabi smasher
Looking for a filling and healthy meal, nothing can replace the Punjabi staple food of Makki Ki Roti or Corn Flour Bread and Sarson Ka Saag or Mustard leaf dish. The flavours are rich and make you feel complete. The dish has high nutritional value and is ideal meal for all seasons and reasons.

Ready to snack all the time
A favorite vegetarian snack Dhokla is made of chickpeas and rice. The batter is left to ferment and is steamed to be served with rich garnishing of mustard seeds and fresh coriander. Dhokla is a classic Gujarati dish that is served all over the country.

Cooking in the Tandoor
The Indian oven called the Tandoor is used to cook a variety of dishes and among them Tandoori chicken and Naan is one of the most frequently cooked delights. The ingredients are unique to the region and all the skill required goes into preparing the oven to cook these goodies.

Lucknowi conventional dish
Tunde Ke Kabab also known as minced meat kebab is well known for its extraordinary taste, a sure explosion in your mouth. There are nearly 150 spices that go into the dish making it a one of the kind dish. The recipe is unique to the region and the meat used is from the buffalo. Though there are different versions of the dish is truly for the royals. So rich are its flavours that it can be a worthy feast for the King.

North-east Pork curry
The cuisine from the north east has the rich influence of South East Asian cuisine. The Nagaland smoked Pork is one such delicacies that one should not miss. What makes this dish extra special is it ingredients. The ingredients are picked locally like the Raja Mirchi and Bamboo plants. The smoked pork curry goes well with rice, which is the staple of the people of Nagaland.

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