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March 17, 2018
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Indian restaurants are burgeoning across the globe proving growing popularity. People across the globe are enjoying the variations in taste presented by authentic Indian restaurants abroad. It may be hard to find a country with such variation in taste, flavours, use of ingredients and presentation. Some of the preparations are unique to the region and have been in the family for years. Most of the speciality dishes are handed over to the descendants making it unique. Some of the most renowned dishes that can leave an impeccable impression on your taste buds are listed below:

Chole Bhature
The chick peas cooked in masala complements the feather soft Bhature, an Indian bread made of wheat flour that melts in your mouth. It is an ideal Punjabi dish that leaves the taste in your mouth for long. The recipe is highlight of Punjabi cuisine. Forget about calories and splurge in some of these disc shaped delights.

Talk of Indian street food and no one can fail to notice hot delicious samosa with tangy sweet tomato chutney or coriander chutney. It is the favourite snack of the country, enjoyed by both young and old. The snack is even loved by travellers from abroad. Samosas are made of maida and are stuffed with potato fillings. Today different fillings are being experimented to meet the demands of the taste buds of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Dal Makhni
It is one of the must-haves in the North Indian meals. The dish is prepared during festivals. It is made of dhal and goes well with any Indian bread like chappatis, Puri, Naan, etc. It is an authentic Punjabi food and is always on the menu in any North Indian restaurant. A lavish spread of butter and cream is used to make it nourishing. So forget about the calories and follow your heart for once.

Butter Chicken
Go to any Indian non-vegetarian restaurant, the top order would be Butter Chicken, so what is so special about it. It is the best way a chicken can be presented. The chicken is cooked in onion-tomato gravy along with loads of butter. It complements best with black lentils, green salad and naan. The best output is when the boneless chicken is used. The success of the dishes lies in marinating the chicken properly with the right amount of ingredients.

Malai Kofta
The name is enough to make your mouth water. Kofta are deep fried vegetable balls, it can made of paneer, potatoes, beans, carrots, sweet corn and peas. The authentic taste of Kofta lies in using paneer. The gravy is a creamy, mild and rich with onions and tomato base. The fried dumplings are throwing into the gravy that goes well with roti, naan, jeera rice or other Indian bread varieties. Malai is cream that makes the dish rich and filling.
Palak Paneer
The goodness of spinach needs no introduction. A popular Indian dish that tops the menu in Indian restaurants is Palak Paneer, made of spinach and cottage cheese. The dish is highly nutritional with the goodness of high protein and fiber added to this is the goodness of fenugreek leaves to make it a filling recipe. The gravy is served best with Indian bread.

A leavened flatbread goes well with tandoori items and kebabs. The dish is simple to prepare and is a staple in North India. The naan is cooked well in a tandoor oven. These are budget bites that are affordable on every pocket. The flatbread is soft and pillows and is versatile. It is made of whole wheat flour and maida. The secret ingredient that adds taste to the dish is yogurt.

Kaali Daal
Also known as Ma Ki Daal or mother of all lentils the recipe is wholesome and mouth-watering. The black lentils have to be soaked overnight as it makes it easier to cook. The ingredients used are very limited consisting of ghee and asafoetida. These two ingredients go well to balance the dish. A well known Punjabi recipe is a comfort food. It is high in starch content and hence the ideal food to beat the cold winters. Adding butter, ghee or cream makes the dish rich and complete. It is best accompanied by vegetables or butter naan.

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