Are you in doubt whether Indian foods are healthy or unhealthy?

A guide to Indian foods
March 25, 2019
How Fast Food Affects Your Health?
March 26, 2019

Indian foods popular all throughout the world mainly for its varieties and taste. There are several benefits of preparing and consuming Indian foods on a daily basis. If you know how to prepare in a healthy manner, you can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle. The variety of spices, dishes,and foods are inherent to India and that makes the Indian foods one of the healthy cuisines in the world. Recently, Indian foods were categorized as unhealthy since it is associated with high carb and high sugar food that can result in high cholesterol. When you choose and consume traditional Indian foods, they are highly healthy and also incredibly tasty with numerous health benefits.

Indian foods support inflammation, immunity, brain function and several other goodnesses for the human body. Some of the significant benefits of Indian foods are elaborated in the following paragraphs.

The human body needs diversity in food

By including a variety of nutrients and foods, it boosts trillions of cells and remains helpful for better functioning of the body. Indian cuisine is popular for the diversity of spices and each and every spice has various health benefits. By including various vegetables and spices in your daily diet, you can live a healthy life. It is recommended to eat seasonal and local fruits and vegetables. This way, you can achieve strong immunity and maintain a healthy body.

Indian foods consist of sufficient grains

Jowar, nachni, bajra along with various rice grains are harvested plenty in India. Consuming rice has been associated with weight gain and it is disappointing to hear that rice is not right for people who are into low carb diet. One important factor to notice is hand pounded rice is good even for diabetics. There isa wide range of pulses that can be included in your daily diet. Some popular combinations such as rajma rice and dal rice are known for ages. It is said to perfect protein meals that consist of essential amino acids.

Indian thalis

When you choose to consume traditional Indian thali, you will come across various kinds of thalis. It is actually dishes served in small size bowls. It will have two or three varieties like sabzi, dal, rice, roti, papad and more. It will also come with a sweet dish in small proportion. Thali is said to make a complete wholesome meal. It is rich in essential nutrients and served in the right proportion. Nowadays, most restaurants are serving thalis in unlimited quantity. The portion of the meal is large than recommended.

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