Reasons Why Indian Cuisine Has Become So Popular All Over the World

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May 18, 2016
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June 25, 2016


Herbs and food all have already been common all around the globe since ancient times. The Romans imported herbs from India as early as 77 C.E. The merchants imported herbs prior to the start of the Era from India. From the dark ages, herbs and Indian food became very popular all around the world. All kingdoms in Europe and Asia had lively spice industry with India at the center stage. Several fights were also initiated in those days particularly between Spain, Italy, Spain, Dutch and the Western forces England to achieve access to India to the spice path. Condiments and Indian herbs were among the main explanations why the English people visited India . Actually Christopher Columbus was trying to find a beach path to India (to continue the Western spice industry with India following the drop of Constantinople) when he inadvertently discovered America in 1492.


Indian dishes have already been historically recognized for that easy type of cooking where the natural benefit of the meals is preserved while improving the flavor using the utilization of masalas and herbs. The idea of salads and pickles descends from India. These served as an appetizer and were offered using the main meal for stirring the taste buds.

The various areas of India had countries and their particular regional customs. Dishes and the meals of the different areas were very varied too. In North-India, grain continues to be the choice food while in Western and Southern areas of India, grain may be the food. The food practices also differ according to physical area, the current weather conditions and main plants of this area. In parts of India, for instance, seafood and fish dishes are far more popular while in central Asia, vegetarian cuisines are far more common. However, there is barely a scenario when a common food of any section of India is wholly new-to another area of India. Festivals have helped in spreading the recognition of numerous local meals in other areas of India and are typical in most section of India.

Foods prepared during celebrations have their particular importance too. in the month of January, during Makar Sankranti, in Maharashtra Bajra rotis (pearl millet breads) and desserts made from jaggery and Til (mole) are offered . Consuming these things during winter is very advantageous to keep body heat. These celebrations assist in creating a scenario where everybody loves eating the food served, instead of taking it as a coercion.

Medical technology called Ayurveda is famous because of its organic and simple method of therapy. Ayurveda’s bottom is herbs and healthy food. The psychological and actual exercise workouts Yoga originated from India. Cooking and food has been typically driven from philosophy of eating and cooking. Therefore, using the recognition of Ayurveda, Yoga etc., people over the globe all have recognized Indian food’s health advantages.

Today expats over the globe all have served in popularizing Indian food. Although Indian food was common in several other areas of Europe and UK and East because the dark ages however it was due mainly to the Indians settled overseas they turned remarkably popular in the remaining world and also The United States. No surprise nations like UK US, Canada and Australia have resorts and many restaurants offering Indian food.

Using the huge development of cable TV within the last several years, food exhibits are arising over the world all on Television stations. Indian dishes are area of the varied dishes trained in these shows. In growing the recognition of Indian food, hence, cable TV had an essential part also.

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