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July 19, 2016
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Restaurant Management

Is there anyone who do not like to take a break from home cooked food once in awhile? Everyone would like to treat their taste buds with some variety foods occasionally. Restaurants are the places you rush to, for a difference. Steaming hot food served especially for you, no headache of setting the table and cleaning the plates afterwards; everything about restaurants is so appealing. Isn’t it? A welcoming, clean and organised ambience is what you look for in a restaurant. Yes, we know that! We, at Bombay Lee, are very much aware of your preferences.

A successful restaurant will have a story of passion, attention and dedication. From our experience, here are some of the factors that are to be taken care of while managing a restaurant business.

Nowadays, people are not ready to compromise with quality, especially when it comes to food. Taste with quality is what majority seek when they go to restaurants. So, the restaurant owners and the management team has to ensure that what they serve the customers is of excellent quality. The raw materials such as meat and vegetables should be bought from reliable sources and freshness should be made sure before cooking. Inventory management is one of the vital factors which has to be done rightly.

Hygiene is the factor which determines the success of a restaurant. We maintain clean premises by allotting a separate team of workers entirely for cleaning purposes. A supervisor is appointed who divides the work between the team members and ensures that everything is neatly and perfectly done.

Business management must include punctuality as a necessity. But, this is a factor which is often overlooked by most of the business professionals. We try our best to adhere to time schedules. We open and close at the same time every day which makes us more reliable to customers.

Customer relation
The success of every business lies in its ability to attract customers. Employees who have excellent communication skills and customer relationship skills are our assets. Customer interest is our prime priority and we find time to upgrade ourselves in all respects so that after the first visit, our customers keep coming back to us.

Having read all this, you may be wondering how all these things are taken care of. We have experts handling each department. We make use of available technology also for efficient management. Automated software by software developers like Pelican Technologies, Wondersoft, Switchbox, and so on, have made our tasks easy to a large extent. The connection between various departments, inventory management, employee management, etc. is now so easy and efficient. With the right team and right technical support, managing a restaurant is not at all a difficult task. We are the perfect examples of this fact.

According to, the restaurant industry is a sector which is highly neglected by the government for many years. So, staying strong in this field requires tremendous effort. No matter what, we believe that restaurants with excellent management, which are committed to providing quality food will flourish as long as there are food lovers who look for excellent service.


  1. Manju says:

    the restaurant is succesfully managed by expereinced managers

  2. Dipesh says:

    We are running a succesfull restaurant in our locality as we give more improtance to qaulity of the food we offer

  3. Eklavya says:

    They prepare food in an hygenic and clean envrionment

  4. Govind says:

    I am aware of the success story of the restaurant mentioned above.

  5. Guru says:

    I was really surprised to see how my daughter manages her restaurant efficiently. I offerred her certain tips from the above post

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