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May 17, 2017
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March 17, 2018

Being distinct from others makes you get noticed. To make your restaurant one of the top attractions in the town, try including engaging and eye-catchy events. This generates interest and causes more customers to flock inside your restaurant. Always try to find innovative event ideas. Brush up your creative sides of the brain and bring up splendid ideas to catch customer attention. Here are two event ideas you could make use of:

Attract Couples With Lovey Dovey Themes
Why wait for valentine’s day to celebrate love? Love is a feeling to be celebrated every moment of one’s life. Try picking a day, maybe the first Saturday night of every month as the love night. Arrange special candle light dinners and slow, romantic music for the couples that come in on that night. Arrange the whole place with pretty red roses. You could even opt for artificial flower decorations. Make special arrangements like cakes or wines to be supplied on demand. Before you know it, lovestruck teenage couples, married couples and even old couples looking for some me time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life would be flocking into the restaurant on that special Saturday night. You can announce for some special giveaways for engaged couples like coupons for bridal makeup from Skulpt Makeup Bar, honeymoon package coupons, new movie tickets and so on. Such coupons will surely attract “to be wedded” couples to your restaurant.

Live Music Bands Liven Up The Spirits
Music has the magical touch to liven up spirits and keep everyone in a good mood. Try to book local music bands that are famous in the area to come and play music at your restaurant on two or three days of a week, maybe during the dinner times. Try changing themes each day. Soulful music on one day, peppy numbers the next day, slow sitar and Carnatic music the next day. This will ensure that all types of music lovers will be entertained at your restaurant. Try keeping the spirits fresh by changing music bands or musicians once in a while and avoid being monotonous.

Attract Your Customers With Inviting Designs In The Restaurant
Your restaurant should have a refreshing and inviting feel that ushers in customers. They should feel enthusiastic by the surroundings and should love the experience to visit again soon or recommend it to their near ones. So how do you make your restaurant different from others? The fact that there are hundreds of restaurants in your locality itself makes the competition tougher. Here are some ways to make your restaurant stand out from the rest:

Avant-Garde Seating Arrangements
Uniqueness holds the key to grabbing the attention of customers. Don’t try to go with the flow. Try to flow through a new, different path. This helps you grab eyeballs. In case the restaurant is hosting events, try arranging chairs in a round fashion around the stage. You could also try community or family style seating arrangements. Also, get rid of the usual style chairs. Bring in bamboo furniture, stylish and colorful plastic furniture, picnic tables or even long benches can be used. Create a different theme and choose matching furniture that goes with it. Even bean bags can be used to create a casual feel. Also, always try to include high rise chairs for seating kids or toddlers. The parents would appreciate the move. A cradle in the corner to lay down sleeping babies can also help. Such subtle changes in furniture make the customer feel taken care of, and they are sure to be impressed.

Enticing Artificial Flower Decorations
One of the best ways to deck up your restaurant would be to use artificial flower decorations. Ok! Let us admit it! Nothing is more beautiful and eye-catchy than gorgeous flowers. Floral arrangements can make your restaurant just look out of the world. And there is no one who doesn’t like flowers. Maybe that is why when you just mention the word beauty, one of the first few things that cross our minds would be pretty flowers. You could either go for a fresh look every day by arranging fresh flowers daily in the most novel and pretty way. But this can be a bit expensive as buying fresh flowers daily can cause a hole in your pockets unless you own a large garden. The safe bet would be opting for artificial flower decorations. These need not be changed daily and stays beautiful and alluring visitors every day. You could try re-arranging the floral designs with the same artificial flowers maybe on a weekly basis so that the restaurant looks new every week.

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