A Guide to Choosing Commercial Racks

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August 25, 2021
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A kitchen restaurant is a bustling environment with a lot of moving parts. Shelf covers are a simple but effective way to protect delicate equipment and materials from damage in the kitchen. Every kitchen is distinct in design, functionality, and storage capacity. When choosing kitchen shelving, keep in mind the temperature, humidity, and even salinity levels. Reach out to any rack manufacturer in Delhi (https://www.donracks.co.in/delhi/) to learn about the various storage solutions styles for restaurants. Keep reading to find out more about the commercial racking techniques here.

Kitchen Shelf Storage- All You Need to Know

A shelf is a unit that holds multiple pans and allows you to move them around as needed. When they are mounted on the wall or fixed to the ceiling, they will be ideal for organizing small work areas. A vented shelf allows for better air circulation and visibility and is ideal for cold storage. If you have a small or medium kitchen, the wall-mounted and over shelves can help you get more storage and workspace.

Antimicrobial shelves have an extra layer of defence against bacteria, mould, mildew, and fungi. Antimicrobial shelves prevent bacteria from growing on the shelf surface and are resistant to rust and corrosion. All of the above factors and the quality and longevity of the parts should be considered when purchasing commercial shelf solutions. Wireframes are specifically designed to hold wine bottles and promote proper air circulation; they help maintain a consistent temperature in the wine cellar throughout the year.

How to Use Commercial Racks Effectively?

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Commercial kitchen shelving comes in various styles and is a must-have for any professional kitchen. Food is frequently transported from commercial kitchen storage units, and transport racks provide safe storage space. When handling ingredients with care, commercial kitchens must consider the needs of their more sensitive employees.

Safe shelves make it easier to keep track of valuables, and solid shelves are best for dry storage as they do not allow airflow. Adding casters to your shelves in a commercial kitchen opens up new possibilities and can increase its overall holding capacity. Shelf covers come in various sizes, colours, and materials, with some being waterproof. Epoxy-coated shelves are ideal for humid environments because they are moisture-resistant and can be customized to match your kitchen.

Shelf Dividers are an excellent way to organize your space and your belongings. Shelf ledges keep items from rolling off your shelves, while label holders keep labels in place. Wire shelf label holders help you organize your shelves and make it easier for your employees to work. If the shelf is corrosion-resistant, you can use it for dry and wet storage.

Proper shelving is required to ensure adequate storage space in the restaurant industry. Follow the above-shared tips to select commercial shelves & racks for any restaurant. Last but not least, you can widely use green epoxy shelves and black epoxy shelves in foodservice environments due to their vibrant green colour. Rack manufacturers in Coimbatore offer various options for your commercial kitchen with what is best for you and your business.

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